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Assets and Investment Objective

The Foundation is a long-term, policy-based institutional investor. Under the direction of the investment committee, the Foundation portfolio’s has a long-term investment objective to earn an average annualized, inflation-adjusted, total rate of return of at least 5 percent, net of all investment management expenses, operating expenses and taxes. To accomplish this objective, the committee employs strategies that emphasize asset allocation and diversification as the primary drivers of successful risk management and investment performance.

The Foundation’s investment asset allocation is found on the chart below:

Portfolio asset allocation As of December 31, 2013

Pie chart of portfolio asset allocation

U.S. Equities – Passive

U.S. Equities – Active

International Developed Equities

International Emerging Market Equities

Alternative Marketable Equities

Real Estate and Hard Assets

Private Equities

Fixed Income – Passive

Fixed Income – Active










Using these sound investment strategies, the Foundation is able to, year after year, provide funding to outstanding projects and initiatives in all regions of Kansas. The following chart displays the Foundation’s historical asset levels over the past 20 years.

Historical Average Assets ($)

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