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KHI and KLC Partnerships

In the focus areas of providing health data and information to policymakers and building civic leadership, respectively, the majority of the Foundation’s grant making is centered on its key organizational partners, the Kansas Health Institute (KHI) and the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC).

Kansas Health Institute logo

Kansas Health Institute

KHI is an independent, nonprofit health policy research organization. This Topeka-based organization was created by the Foundation in 1995 to ensure community leaders, elected officials and other Kansans had accurate, non-partisan and insightful information and data to inform them in making key decisions. Today, it provides that information through policy analysis, research reports and news accounts, all of which are available at

Led today by Dr. Robert St. Peter, KHI is currently funded primarily through a 10-year, $30 million Foundation grant.

Kansas Leadership Center logo

Kansas Leadership Center

The KLC is a statewide organization, based in Wichita, created by the Foundation in 2007. Leadership has been a focus of the Foundation since a listening tour conducted by staff in the late 1980s. At that time, communities across the state identified a lack of well-trained, passionate and qualified leaders as a key obstacle to making progress on local health-related issues and challenges.

Today, the KLC further develops and enhances the civic leadership programs the Kansas Health Foundation funded in the past, and continues to search for new methods and programs to help Kansans exercise the kind of leadership necessary to create a healthier, more prosperous Kansas. The KLC is led by former Kansas state representative Ed O’Malley, and, like KHI, operates under a 10-year, $30 million Foundation grant. For more information, visit

Working together

Each organization—the Foundation, KHI and KLC—is guided by an independent board of directors and strategic plan. Embedded in these plans, however, is the belief that when each of the three organizations’ agendas is aligned, significant synergies across missions can be achieved. The data and policy information provided by KHI, the leadership skills and action provided by KLC and the Foundation’s strategic grant making will work in concert to improve the health of all Kansans.

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