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Guiding Principles

The Board of Directors agrees that the Foundation will operate in the following way:

We are strategic grant makers.
We take a proactive approach with the majority of our grant making funds. We develop strategic plans and grants by listening to the needs of Kansans.

We have an emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention.
which reflects our value for primary prevention, focusing on root causes of health problems.

We are committed to helping all Kansans achieve the highest level of health.
We recognize that factors such as poverty, low-educational attainment, language barriers and minority status are related to health outcomes.

We have two integral partners in the state.
Kansas Health Institute and Kansas Leadership Center. Through the Foundation’s strategic grant making, the data and policy information provided by KHI and the leadership skills and action provided by KLC, the three organizations will work in concert to improve the health of all Kansans.

We will continually seek partners in our grant making.
We will forge collaborations with universities, health professionals, other Kansas foundations, the United Methodist Church and other faith organizations, as well as other Kansas organizations that share our vision and goals.

We will remain open to unique and timely opportunities.
for grant making that have the potential to impact the health of Kansans.

We strive to be a transparent organization and pledge to be open and honest.
We will highlight our successes and failures and share lessons learned that might inform others working in similar fields.

We highly value and use strategic communication.
to achieve our programmatic and operational goals. Our goals and grants, and their results, should be clearly communicated.

We serve in a variety of roles in order to maximize our effectiveness.
catalyst, convenor, educator, leverager and funder.

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