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Community gardens cultivate community spirit

At the Overland Park Community Garden, residents see their neighbors not only growing food, but also growing their community.

"You hear people talk about community building, but it's something that's very hard to measure," said Bev Jaderborg, president of the Overland Park Community Garden. "But when I come out here and I see the people, and I hear from them, and I feel it, I say, 'That's community spirit at its best.'"

It's that type of spirit, as well as the availability of healthy foods, that is at the core of the Kansas Community Gardens Initiative. The initiative is a partnership of K-State Research and Extension and the Kansas Health Foundation, and will provide funding to more than 60 new and existing community garden projects over a three-year span. During the first year of grants, 24 gardens from across the state received funding.

To learn more about the initiative, and to hear more from those being impacted by the Overland Park Community Garden, please view the video.