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Major Initiatives

These major initiatives are approved by the board of directors and represent the largest percentage of grant money given each year. Developed strategically and proactively, these initiatives are the key driving forces for the Foundation to achieve its mission and they are consistent with the Foundation's five focus areas.

Below you will see the major initiatives approved by the board of directors in 2013. Most of the grants are multi-year initiatives commencing in 2013, with funds distributed throughout the grant's duration. As such, each year the Foundation also distributes funds for initiatives approved in previous years. To view all Foundation grants from 2008 to the present, please visit our grant search page.

2013 Major Initiatives

Grant Amount: $661,110
Duration (months): 42
To support healthier Kansas schools by updating the model wellness guidelines approved by the Kansas State Board of Education and training school personnel in the implementation of strong wellness policies.
Grant Amount: $300,000
Duration (months): 36
To provide continued funding to Kansas Action for Children to serve as the lead agency for bringing the mid-level dental provider workforce model to Kansas.
Grant Amount: $368,452
Duration (months): 24
To convene the 8th class of Kansas Health Foundation Fellows for the purpose of reducing tobacco use by Kansans with mental illness.
Grant Amount: $210,000
Duration (months): 36
To provide core support to the Kansas Association of Local Health Departments (KALHD), the nonprofits association dedicated to strengthening the local public health system in Kansas.
Grant Amount: $1,375,000
Duration (months): 36
To help the Foundation identify and fund public health workforce and systems priorities that will support local and state health department efforts to be accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board.
Grant Amount: $210,000
Duration (months): 12
To provide funding for the Inaugural Kansas Health Foundation Symposium, a statewide conference focusing on health policy and wellness topics. The symposium will be held in 2014.
Grant Amount: $250,000
Duration (months): 12
To strengthen the Foundation's ability to communicate its work on healthy eating, active living, and tobacco-free living through messaging and branding activities, as well as how these activities complement the Foundation's overall grantmaking.
Grant Amount: $278,740
Duration (months): 31
To provide funding to the Kansas Association of Local Health Departments (KALHD) to improve the functionality of PHClinic, the public health-oriented clinic management software used by approximately 60 local Kansas health departments.
Grant Amount: $150,000
Duration (months): 17
To support strategic planning and convening efforts intended to strengthen and energize the Kansas tobacco control infrastructure.
Grant Amount: $135,182
Duration (months): 48
To provide an additional year of funding to the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC), a strategic partner of KHF.
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