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Major Initiatives

These major initiatives are approved by the board of directors and represent the largest percentage of grant money given each year. Developed strategically and proactively, these initiatives are the key driving forces for the Foundation to achieve its mission and they are consistent with the Foundation's five focus areas.

Below you will see the major initiatives approved by the board of directors in 2014. Most of the grants are multi-year initiatives commencing in 2014, with funds distributed throughout the grant's duration. As such, each year the Foundation also distributes funds for initiatives approved in previous years. To view all Foundation grants from 2008 to the present, please visit our grant search page.

2014 Major Initiatives

Grant Amount: $500,000
Duration (months): 12
To fund operating costs of an expansion of the GraceMed Health Clinic in south and west Wichita.
Grant Amount: $1,000,000
Duration (months): 36
To build upon and expand the success of WorkWell Kansas by working with Kansas employers to develop, strengthen and implement worksite wellness policies.
Grant Amount: $777,617
Duration (months): 36
To build stronger capacity of before and afterschool providers to offer healthy food and physical activity opportunities. Funding would provide training, technical assistance and support to providers serving children in communities of lower socioeconomic status and minority-concentration communities.
Grant Amount: $3,451,468
Duration (months): 45
To assist five communities experiencing elevated concentrations of health risks (high rates of poverty and unemployment, low educational attainment, etc.) realize their vision of a healthier community through a resident-led visioning and implementation process.
Grant Amount: $200,045
Duration (months): 24
To reduce tobacco use in Kansas by building support for increasing excise taxes on tobacco products and increasing funding for the state tobacco control program, through the funding of a campaign manager for the new coalition Kansans for a Healthy Future.
Grant Amount: $569,142
Duration (months): 36
To continue the Foundation's support for and expand the Kansas State Department of Education's (KSDE) physical activity training program Let's Move! Active Kansas Schools (LMAKS). Through this grant, classroom teachers, physical education instructors, school administrators and other staff will learn how to create a school environment that better supports student physical activity.
Grant Amount: $500,000
Duration (months): 7
To lead more schools to value and support healthy school wellness policies through a targeted communications effort aimed at parents and administrators.
Grant Amount: $400,000
Duration (months): 48
To provide funds to Kansas colleges and universities to support planning for, or implementation of, tobacco-free campus policies.
Grant Amount: $600,000
Duration (months): 36
To provide continued core support funding to Kansas Action for Children (KAC) to support its health, education and economic policy advocacy work.
Grant Amount: $2,000,000
Duration (months): 24
To fund evidence-based strategies that support healthy eating, active living and tobacco prevention.
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