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Major Initiatives

These major initiatives are approved by the board of directors and represent the largest percentage of grant money given each year. Developed strategically and proactively, these initiatives are the key driving forces for the Foundation to achieve its mission and they are consistent with the Foundation's five focus areas.

Below you will see the major initiatives approved by the board of directors in 2015. Most of the grants are multi-year initiatives commencing in 2015, with funds distributed throughout the grant's duration. As such, each year the Foundation also distributes funds for initiatives approved in previous years. To view all Foundation grants from 2008 to the present, please visit our grant search page.

2015 Major Initiatives

Grant Amount: $149,394
Duration (months): 12
To study the feasibility of and potential approach for establishing a statewide healthy food financing initiative to expand healthy food access for all Kansans.
Grant Amount: $2,020,000
Duration (months): 36
To fund organizations to identify and/or implement policy, systems and environmental strategies that support access to and consumption of clean drinking water in Kansas. Funded activities will improve health outcomes by making it easier for Kansans to have access to clean, safe drinking water.
Grant Amount: $700,000
Duration (months): 36
To support efforts of Kansas safety net clinics to establish grassroots advocacy campaigns focused on increasing the quality of and access to health care for all Kansans, with an emphasis on underserved populations.
Grant Amount: $199,951
Duration (months): 36
Sunflower Community Action will focus on research and building a pro-water coalition. The organization will gather data by canvassing low-income neighborhoods in Wichita, as well as Arkansas City and Dodge City, in order to understand attitudes related to water and to identify barriers to drinking tap water.
Grant Amount: $199,983
Duration (months): 36
Oral Health Kansas will develop and implement a comprehensive plan to improve school policies that will increase access to and student demand for drinking water throughout the school day.
Grant Amount: $200,000
Duration (months): 36
Northwest Kansas Council on Substance Abuse, Inc. will implement strategies for policy, system, and environmental improvements that support access to and consumption of clean drinking water. Programs would be implemented with partners in early childhood programs, Colby Community College, and public and private sector worksites.
Grant Amount: $200,000
Duration (months): 24
KU School of Medicine–Wichita will conduct an in-depth collection and analysis of existing policies impacting the water quality of private water wells in municipalities throughout Kansas, identify promising practices for protecting and improving the water quality of existing private wells, and provide recommendations for policy interventions to improve and protect the water quality of private wells at the municipal and state level.
Grant Amount: $100,145
Duration (months): 24
Kansas Health Institute will develop a health impact assessment (HIA) that will inform a decision about the potential utilization of lower-quality water for various uses
Grant Amount: $200,000
Duration (months): 20
To identify federal Child Nutrition Reauthorization as a KHF policy priority and support related advocacy and lobbying efforts.
Grant Amount: $420,000
Duration (months): 36
To provide Kansans with the information, motivation and skills needed to champion health improvement efforts in their communities and organizations.
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