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Measurable Results

To monitor the progress toward our outcomes, the Foundation has identified the measurable results in both program areas. These results guide not only the Foundation’s programmatic decision making, but also its evaluations.

Though measurable results play a vital part in the Foundation’s grant making, it is important to understand both the strengths and limitations of setting specific measures for focus areas.

Measurable results:

  • Guide the Foundation's grant-making strategies.
  • Provide a method for evaluating the Foundation's Investments and serve as a tool for learning.
  • Simplify reporting for grantees.
  • Complement but do not replace the knowledge and expertise of the program officers.
  • Inform but do not serve as the only criteria for making funding decisions. While alignment will be an important factor in grant-making decisions, they are not the sole criteria.
  • Are not exact. Data collection and reporting methods may vary.
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