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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Recognition Grants?

A: Recognition Grants expand the Kansas Health Foundation’s support to a broad range of health-related organizations throughout the state. While the majority of the Foundation’s funding is through invited proposals, the Recognition Grants program is designed to fund unsolicited requests. It is targeted for organizations and agencies doing meaningful work that fits within the Foundation’s mission of improving the health of all Kansans. 

Recognition Grants are grants of up to $25,000 per organization. Using a competitive process, the Foundation will award as much as $2 million annually to Recognition Grant projects. 

Any 501(c)(3) organization (see exclusions), church or government entity using the funds for charitable purposes and proposing a project that supports the Foundation’s mission is eligible.

What we fund

Q: What kinds of projects fit into the Foundation’s mission to improve the health of all Kansans?

A: The Kansas Health Foundation defines health broadly, and we look at all of the aspects that affect health, including the social factors that contribute to a healthy population. The Foundation joins with the World Health Organization in defining health, believing that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Organizations Must Be

  • Classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3), a government entity or a church (there are some exclusions, please see restrictions below)
  • Located within the state of Kansas or within the Jackson, Jasper or Newton counties of Missouri. (If located in one of the Missouri counties, funds can only be used for projects within the state of Kansas.)
  • Not a previous recipient of a Recognition Grant within the calendar year

Q: What kinds of projects are excluded from the Recognition Grant program?


  • Medical research
  • Contributions to capital campaigns
  • Operating deficits or retirement of debt
  • Construction projects, real estate acquisitions, or endowments, not part of a Foundation-initiated program
  • Lobbying as defined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (IRC), section 4945(d)(1)
  • Activities supporting political candidates or voter registrations drives, as defined in IRC section 4945(d)(2)
  • Vehicles, such as vans or busses
  • Medical equipment
  • Direct mental health services
  • Direct medical services
  • Grants to individuals
  • Annual fund drives
  • Fundraising events

How to apply

Q: Does the Kansas Health Foundation have a new application process for Recognition Grants?

A: Yes. We have a new online application form. Please do not submit previous versions of our Recognition Grant applications. The new online form streamlines the application process and offers advantages such as immediate e-mail notification that your application has been received. For more information about our application process, visit the Recognition Grant Application page.

Q: When can we apply for Recognition Grants? What are the application deadlines?

A: Application deadlines are March 15 and September 15 each year. Completed applications must be received by 5 p.m. on the due date. The application link will be taken off the Web site immediately after the 5 p.m. deadline. When the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, applications are due by 5 p.m. the next business day.

Q: What types of questions are asked on the application?

A: Please refer to our Recognition Grants page for application guidelines and restrictions.

Q: I have completed the online application and I am ready to upload my attachments, but I cannot find the page for attachments.  What am I doing wrong?

A: The page to upload attachments for online Recognition Grants is the very last page of the application.  If for some reason you are not able to access the attachments page please review your application again paying particular attention to the top of each page to make sure there is not an error message.  If there is an error you will be asked to fix the issue before being allowed to proceed to the attachments page.

How we review applications

Q: Who decides which Recognition Grant applications receive funding?

A: An independent review committee made up of Kansans from all walks of life who live in different areas of the state evaluates all of the grant applications received in each cycle. This committee then makes recommendations to the Foundation for funding. 

Q: How does this committee evaluate Recognition Grant applications?

A: There are many factors and questions that the independent review committee considers when deciding which projects to fund. They include:

  • Does this project involve any of the Foundation’s exclusions listed previously?
  • Does this proposal address a significant community health problem that is defined in a clear and compelling way?
  • Are the outcomes of the project clear, measurable and reasonable?
  • Are the activities planned to address the health problem clear and align logically with the need?
  • Is the budget appropriate for the planned activities?
  • If your proposal requires/involves adult volunteers or paid staff to interact with minors, will you perform background checks on those service positions?
  • If your proposal requires/involves adult volunteers or paid staff to interact with minors have you provided a copy of your background check policy?
  • Does the applicant organization have the capacity to carry out the project’s activities and achieve the defined outcomes?
  • If the total cost of the project exceeds the amount of money requested from the Kansas Health Foundation, have commitments from other funding sources been secured to cover the remaining costs?
  • How does this project rank when compared with other applications received during the funding cycle?

Q: Are my chances for funding better if I request the maximum amount of $25,000?

A: No. Our funding is based on what each project requires. The Foundation encourages smaller requests, and we fund a broad range of Recognition Grant projects that only ask for a fraction of the maximum amount. 

Q: How will you communicate with me regarding my application?

A: Throughout the application process we will communicate with you via e-mail. For this reason, it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that you give us a valid e-mail address on your application and check this e-mail account often. Notifications of approvals and denials will be sent electronically via e-mail.

Q: Can the project for which I’m seeking funding last longer than one year?

A: Yes. Typically, most Recognition Grant projects are completed within a year, but there is no requirement that they must be finished by a certain date. 

Q: Would meeting with a Program Officer from the Kansas Health Foundation improve my chances of getting a Recognition Grant?

A: No, because the independent review committee makes the recommendations for funding. 

Reporting Requirements

Q: What kind of reporting requirements does the Kansas Health Foundation have for funded Recognition Grant projects?

A: There are no reporting requirements for Recognition Grants; however, in response to RG recipient feedback, we do offer recipients the opportunity to voluntarily share their successes, challenges and lessons learned through a brief survey or phone interview the year following the grant award.


Q: If I did not receive a Recognition Grant during a previous funding cycle, can I reapply?

A: Yes. Keep in mind that this is a competitive process, and each cycle offers a new opportunity to apply. 

Q: If I did receive a Recognition Grant during the spring cycle, can I apply in the fall cycle as well?

A: No. You can only be a recipient of a Recognition Grant once within any calendar year. 

Q: How can we improve our chances of being funded next time? 

A: As you write your grant proposals, strongly consider the questions listed previously that the committee uses to evaluate applications. 

Q: Could you please explain why our application did not receive a Recognition Grant?

A: We do not provide reasons why applications are approved or denied. There may be nothing wrong with a proposal that was denied, but the committee simply didn’t assess it to be one of the best projects seeking funding. Lots of organizations apply for Recognition Grants each year, and the Kansas Health Foundation cannot possibly fund them all. 

Q: If an organization already has an active grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, is it eligible for a Recognition Grant?

A: Yes, you are eligible to apply for a Recognition Grant as long as what is being proposed is different than the work being done through the active grant. 


Q: What is the difference between indirect and direct costs?

A: Indirect Costs are expenses that are indirectly related to the implementation of program services. They may also be referred to as overhead or administrative costs. Examples include: general liability and workmen’s compensation insurance, utilities, rent/space, payroll processing, IT support, bookkeeping expenses, professional fees for attorneys and CPAs. Direct Costs are costs that can be identified specifically with a particular project and with a high degree of accuracy.

Q: What is the Kansas Health Foundation's policy toward indirect costs?

A: The Kansas Health Foundation will allow indirects at a maximum 10 percent of Direct Costs of the project. 

Q: Where can we get more information?

A: If you have further questions, please call us at (316) 262-7676 or (800) 373-7681. 

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