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Grant Specific Publications

For some of our initiatives we've created grant-specific summary publications. To learn more about our recognition grants, GROW initiatives and more, read on.

HCI Key Message Guide

Through crowdsourcing and message research, the top talking points regarding healthy foods and physical activity have been gathered within this guide. Orginally designed for use by participants in the KHF Healthy Communities Initiative, it can be used by any individual or group working on these topics.

The Big Green Guide

The best public health strategies include disease prevention and protection, as well as health promotion and healthy public policy. The purpose of this guidebook is to support the Healthy Communities Initiative (HCI) grantees with media and marketing strategies to influence local health policy and behavioral change in their communities and across the state.

Recognition Grant Report (2013)

In our annual tribute to recipients of KHF Recognition Grants, this report highlights grantees doing innovative and impactful work in communities throughout our state. From a youth literacy program in Abilene to providing healthy food options in Liberal, these grantees are symbolic of the 98 projects that received this grant funding in 2013. With bold ideas, talented individuals and dedicated organizations committed to a better Kansas, we believe the future is bright for making Kansas a healthier state.

Leadership for a Healthy Kansas Report

To coincide with the public unveiling of the new Kansas Leadership Center and Kansas Health Foundation Conference Center, this report looks back at the origins of the Foundation’s funding for leadership development initiatives. What began with a single initiative more than 20 years ago has now turned into one of the Foundation’s primary focus areas. Please read this publication to learn more about the Foundation’s leadership funding and the impact its making in Kansas communities.

Recognition Grant Report (2012)

To highlight a sampling of the grantees who received funding in 2012, this report is designed to give you an all-access pass, via a guidebook tour, to eight different programs making a difference and changing lives. We believe these stories provide a snapshot of the impact that can be made on the lives of Kansans when the dedicated, selfless staff members and volunteers of nonprofit organizations commit to a particular project. Please view this report to learn more about these outstanding grantees.

Kansas Health Institute (KHI) Report

Since its inception in 1995, the Kansas Health Institute (KHI) has provided policymakers in Kansas with high-quality, objective research and data to help inform important policy decisions throughout Kansas. As its primary funder, the Foundation has produced a report detailing the history of KHI, as well as some of its current efforts. Please read this report to learn more about KHI and the impact the organization has on Kansas.

Recognition Grant Report (2011)

In 2011, more than 100 outstanding organizations, school districts and communities received Recognition Grants. This is the fourth year the Foundation has published a report highlighting a group of community efforts representative of all our RG recipients. To learn more about these remarkable grantees, we invite you to read this year's Recognition Grant report.

GROW I Children's Health Endowment Report

GROW I (Giving Resources to Our World) Healthy Kansas is designed to build the capacity of community foundations. The Kansas Health Foundation partnered with the 12 participating foundations, three of which are featured in the GROW I Children's Health Endowment Report. The foundations now have funds available to empower those who understand what's needed in their specific communities to make decisions that can impact the health of children now, and for generations to come.

Recognition Grant Report (2010)

Across the state, dedicated individuals, organizations and communities are working to create better futures for Kansas children, fill gaps in services and care, and reach out to diverse populations to share information about health and wellness. To learn more about these remarkable grantees, we invite you to read this year's Recognition Grant report.

GROW Report (2009)

Growing community philanthropy is a focus area for the Kansas Health Foundation, and the first decade of our GROW program to build and strengthen community foundations across the state was amazingly successful. It's inspiring to see that our initial investment of $30 million in GROW has afforded GROW foundations the ability to give back more than $33 million to their communities so far.

Kansas Community Leadership Initiative (KCLI) Report (2009)

The Kansas Community Leadership Initiative (KCLI) began in 1999 with the belief that you can change communities for the better by changing the people in them one by one. KCLI helped hundreds of Kansans in more than 40 communities to learn new approaches to leadership.

Recognition Grant Report (2008)

While much of the Foundation's grant making is done in a proactive, strategic manner, the Recognition Grants program gives us an opportunity to work directly with many grassroots organizations doing innovative work to help people throughout Kansas.

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