Water is critical to the health of Kansas

July 1, 2015

Every Kansan, every human, needs water to grow and thrive. It keeps the body’s joints lubricated, provides nutrients to cells, and regulates the body’s temperature to keep its organs working properly. It’s the best choice of drink to maintain a healthy weight.

For Kansans to drink water, it must be available wherever they are, at home, work, school, and recreation venues. Communities need a reliable supply of water for their residents, and that water must be safe for people to drink.

The Kansas Health Foundation has released a Request For Proposals for projects that will improve public health in Kansas by making it easier for Kansans to drink more water.

There’s a need for these projects. Consider these three scenarios, observed across the state:

  • The water in some Kansas communities may be considered unsafe to drink by its residents. The most rural of these communities may not have a grocery store to purchase gallons of water for drinking, but perhaps there’s a gas station on the highway. It’s often easier and cheaper for people to pick up a pop on the way to school or work.
  • Water fountains at workplaces may not be maintained, but soda vending machines are in perfect working order.
  • Water planning efforts take place in cities, counties and regions with a focus on economic development, agriculture, municipal needs or public health, but may not consider all at the same time.

Ensuring that Kansans have easy access to drinking water will require leadership, community engagement, reliable information and commitment from multiple stakeholders. The Foundation is proud to support this work to improve public health in Kansas.

Learn more about the Request For Proposals.

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