Hospital setting healthy example in Rice County

September 11, 2015

At Rice County District Hospital in Lyons, Kan., patients and their families have long counted on receiving top-notch health care services. Now, those coming and going from the facility also look to the hospital as a local leader in efforts to promote healthy eating as part of overall personal and community wellness.

“Over a year ago, we took a good look at ourselves and looked at the options we are providing to our patients and our employees, and knew that we could be better role models and provide healthier food options,” said George Stover, CEO at Rice County District Hospital.

Prompted by the Healthy Kansas Hospital initiative, the hospital in Rice County has made significant changes to its cafeteria options, including adding a daily salad bar, ensuring healthy entrees and limiting the availability of sugary beverages.

This initiative is an effort led by the Kansas Hospital Association and its affiliate, the Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation.

To learn more about this healthy transformation, please view this month’s Health Happenings eNews video at the top of the page.

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