Stafford County students learn nutrition, business

November 1, 2015

When a new whole wheat flour recipe being used in lunchrooms wasn’t finding many fans at Kansas schools, students at Stafford High School went to work. In the process, they not only designed a healthy and delicious alternative recipe, but also gained first-hand experience into the business of innovation and entrepreneurship.

“So the product that we’ve come up with, it’s grown 95-percent here in Stafford County,” said Natalie Clark of the Stafford Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Center (SEED), a collaborative that’s been based at Stafford High School for more than a decade. “It has a white-whole wheat flour, so the texture is finer and the color is lighter, and the kids really like it.”

And it’s an idea also taking hold with the students themselves.

“On one hand, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication,” said D.J. Peak, a sophomore at Stafford High School. “But I also love doing it, and being around my friends while we do it.”

To learn more about this unique program, please view the Health Happenings video above.

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