Collaboration leads to a neighborhood on the rise

May 15, 2018

As a neighborhood hit its lowest point, residents and partners began to act. Four years later, the historic Fairmount Neighborhood in Wichita is a safer, more vibrant area.

It’s all been a part of the Kansas Health Foundation Community Engagement Initiative (CEI), an effort that provided funding in five Kansas communities for neighborhood-specific improvements.

“We have made some great strides, and I would say some measurable successes in this initiative,” said Darryl Carrington, a community liaison. “We’ve done a lot, and because of the talent that we’ve been able to bring to the surface, there’s nothing that we can’t do going forward.”

While work remains, it’s clear residents, as well as partners at Wichita State University, are ready to meet any upcoming challenges.

“Whenever communities come together, great changes can happen,” said Steve Coen, president and CEO of the Kansas Health Foundation. “We see it time and time again, and the Fairmount Neighborhood has been a great example of the possibilities.”

To learn more about this neighborhood’s transformation, please watch this month’s Health Happenings eNews video above.

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