El Torito helping fill Topeka fresh food needs

August 5, 2019

Food deserts continue to be a problem in Kansas communities, and the need for access to fresh, healthy, affordable foods has never been more vital. The Kansas Healthy Food Initiative (KHFI), funded by the Kansas Health Foundation, seeks to fill this gap. By providing loans and grants to locally-owned grocery stores, places like El Torito in Topeka are able to offer fruits and vegetables, as well as the area’s best selection of cultural food options, to nearby shoppers.

“Before, I always struggled to find good, fresh foods for my kids. I’d have to drive to Kansas City, and it would take all day,” said Tamara Rodriguez, a mother of 12 in Topeka. “Now, with this grocery store, it’s less driving time. Instead, I can be home with my kids, and cooking together, and spending time with them.”

In this month’s edition of Health Happenings, learn more about how the Kansas Healthy Food Initiative is helping Topeka families. And, you can learn more about KHFI at https://kansashealthyfood.org/.

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