KHF seeks ideas to end food insecurity in Kansas

February 15, 2024

Media Contact Chase Willhite, 316-491-8455

WICHITA, Kan. – As part of the Kansas Health Foundation’s (KHF) goal to help Kansas lead the nation in health, KHF is joining with other partners throughout the state to tackle issues of hunger and food insecurity. To make progress on this issue, KHF has launched a crowdsourcing effort to solicit ideas for ensuring no Kansan goes hungry.

“We believe there are great ideas out there that will help us reach our goals,” said Ed O’Malley, KHF President and CEO. “This is to challenge our thinking, to stretch us in the way we approach this issue. It’s a new way of thinking for KHF, but when facing daunting challenges, we believe there’s wisdom in seeking input from everyone.”

According to a Feeding America report released in 2023, one in 10 Kansans, and one in seven Kansas children, don’t know where their next meal will come from.

“There are ideas out there for reshaping the food system in Kansas, and as an organization, we have many of our own ideas,” said Lindsay Wilke, KHF Issue Mobilization Manager. “What we’re trying to do with this crowdsourcing effort is make sure we don’t limit ourselves to the current thinking. We want innovative ideas coming from people across the state.”

Anyone wanting to submit their idea for ending food insecurity in Kansas should go to to learn more and fill out a short form.

“To end food insecurity in Kansas, we’ll need everyone involved and engaged,” O’Malley said. “We need your thoughts, and we need your ideas.”


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