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Reach Out 2 Someone Else,Inc


P O Box 781842
Wichita, KS 67278


Improve access to mental health care by joining the fight against the common pattern of managing mental health issues alone and suffering in silence and improve the rate at which people of color, both adults and children, engage in mental healthcare. Our goals are to;
1. Improve access to mental health services for uninsured community members by removing the financial barrier and connecting them to qualified mental health professionals. In Kansas, 42% of the uninsured are minorities, despite being only 24.3% of the population. (https://socialsecurityworks.org/2020/02/24/kansas-all-means-all/)

2. Increase the impact to the community and access to mental health resources with the development of the ‘Taking Care of Us’ mobile workshop. This free mobile workshop will travel to established groups within the community such as bible studies, women’s/men’s groups; collegiate groups, youth groups etc. The ‘Taking care of US’ workshop’s mission is to teach families of color how to identify, respond and support our loved ones through mental health challenges without causing greater harm. In addition there will be a young adult version in which teens will be trained as facilitators for youth groups.

Take the resource directly to the need
Reduce stigmas of mental health by teaching families how to talk about it and respond in helpful ways ​
Embrace the discomfort of talking one on one to a stranger. People of color tend to find greater comfort connecting with loved ones or close friends or small groups
Generate more referrals and by-in, to one on one mental healthcare

Teach families how to identify signs and symptoms of declining mental health for each focus area.​
Teach families how to respond to their loved ones without causing more harm for each focus area.​
Provide a Community Resource List​
Teach families when and how to connect loved ones to Community Resources

*Areas of Focus for Adults
Suicide in communities of color​

*Areas of Focus for Young Adults
Teen Suicide​
Trauma ​
Talking to Parents about your mental health​

Mental Health Topics will be change each year
Include Spanish AdHoc Interpreters to increase reach to the Spanish speaking community

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