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Across our program and impact areas, KHF provides funding to nonprofits, advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, state agencies and many others. To learn more about where KHF funding goes, please utilize the searchable database below, where you can search by project, grantee, amount or start date.

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Project Title Awarded To Amount Award Date
Kansas Healthy Food Initiative 2020 – 2023  IFF  $2,000,000.00 August 3, 2020
Kansas Healthy Food Initiative 2020 – 2023  Kansas State University  $760,000.00 August 3, 2020
COVID-19 Relief Funding (Second Harvest)  Second Harvest Community Food Bank  $100,000.00 April 27, 2020
COVID-19 Relief Funding (Harvesters)  Harvesters Community Food Network  $450,000.00 April 27, 2020
COVID-19 Relief Funding (Kansas Food Bank)  Kansas Food Bank Warehouse, Inc.  $450,000.00 April 27, 2020
The Power of Food: Cultivating Equitable policy Through Collective Action Contribution  Johns Hopkins University  $20,000.00 March 3, 2020
Double Up Heartland (Food Bucks) Expansion  Mid-America Regional Council  $1,745,000.00 January 2, 2020
Resisting the Youth E-Cigarette Epidemic in Kansas  Kansas Department of Health and Environment  $24,750.00 October 29, 2019
Dotte Mobile Grocer  Kansas University Endowment Association  $24,750.00 October 24, 2019
Arb to Table Initiative  Legacy, A Regional Community Foundation  $20,710.00 October 24, 2019
Bethel Youth Enrichment Program  Bethel Neighborhood Center  $25,000.00 October 24, 2019
Using Teaching Kitchens to Enhance Clinical Knowledge of Nutritional Concepts for Students and Healthcare Workers  Wichita State University Campus of Applied Sciences and Technology dba WSU Tech  $25,000.00 October 24, 2019
Kickapoo Tribal Community Garden  Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas  $25,000.00 October 23, 2019
Healthy Food Access and Education for Homeless Wichita Youth  Wichita Children’s Home  $24,358.00 October 22, 2019
Backsnack and School Pantry  Harvesters Community Food Network  $25,000.00 October 22, 2019
Alternative Meal Choices for the Elderly  RSVP of Northeast Kansas, Inc.  $25,000.00 October 17, 2019
Tobacco Treatment and Recovery in the Behavioral Health System Phase II  Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas, Inc.  $100,000.00 October 16, 2019
Aquaponics in Southeast Kansas: A Sustainable Production Solution to Food Insecurity  Pittsburg State University  $25,000.00 October 15, 2019
Growing Our Reach into the Community  After the Harvest  $25,000.00 October 15, 2019
Clubhouse Health & Fitness  Breakthrough House, Inc.  $25,000.00 October 15, 2019
Increase Grant-Seeking Success and Improve Staff Productivity Through Updated Technology  Community Mercantile Educational Foundation, Inc.  $14,333.00 October 15, 2019
Tobacco Treatment Education to Build Internal Capacities  Four County Mental Health Center Inc.  $11,590.00 October 15, 2019
Backbone Accounting, Grant Support, and Leadership Development for Northeast KCK  Historic Northeast-Midtown Association  $24,970.00 October 15, 2019
Building SENT’s Capacity to Impact the Community  Sent, Inc.  $24,956.00 October 10, 2019
Client Choice Food Pantry  The Salvation Army  $25,000.00 October 10, 2019
Increasing Hispanic Program Participation Through Targeted Outreach  Kansas City Community Gardens, Inc.  $14,600.00 October 10, 2019
Thrive Kansas Capacity Building  Thrive Allen County, Inc.  $25,000.00 October 7, 2019
Wichita Adaptive Sports Youth Basketball Program  Wichita Adaptive Sports  $12,600.00 October 7, 2019
Strategic Planning & Leadership Development  Cultivate Kansas City  $25,000.00 October 4, 2019
Opportunity Academy UNO Playground Interactive Learning System  EmberHope Youthville  $18,750.00 October 4, 2019
Get Well, Eat Well, Stay Well – Diabetic Education Services  Hospital District #6 of Harper County, Kansas  $25,000.00 October 4, 2019
Program Evaluation and Data Measurement Systems  Just Food of Douglas County, KS, Inc.  $25,000.00 October 4, 2019
Preparing chief health strategists to drive policy, system, and environmental change to reduce risk for chronic disease  Kansas University Endowment Association  $25,000.00 September 17, 2019
Central Topeka Grocery Store Market Feasibility Study  Greater Topeka Partnership Foundation  $12,500.00 September 17, 2019
Tobacco Treatment and Recovery in the Behavioral Health System Phase II  DCCCA, Inc.  $80,000.00 September 16, 2019
Vision 2020: Building capacity to support the health of at-risk teens and young adults.  Van Go, Inc.  $25,000.00 September 10, 2019
Capacity Building for Special Olympics Kansas  Special Olympics Kansas, Inc.  $25,000.00 August 23, 2019
Heartspring Fresh & Healthy Foods Project  Heartspring, Inc.  $25,000.00 August 23, 2019
Tobacco Treatment and Recovery in the Behavioral Health System Phase II  Prairie View, Inc.  $150,000.00 July 24, 2019
Retirement Bootcamp  Lawrence Public Library Foundation  $25,000.00 July 16, 2019
Tobacco Treatment and Recovery in the Behavioral Health System Phase II  Episcopal Social Services, Inc.  $139,866.00 July 3, 2019
Behavioral Health Tobacco Project  NAMI Kansas, Inc.  $250,000.00 July 2, 2019
Kansas Food Policy Project – Kansas Alliance for Wellness  KC Healthy Kids  $749,722.00 July 1, 2019
Tobacco Treatment and Recovery in the Behavioral Health System Phase II  Central Kansas Foundation for Alcohol and Chemical Dependency  $50,000.00 June 24, 2019
Enhancing the Impact of Tobacco Cessation Programs  Kansas University Endowment Association  $25,000.00 June 13, 2019
Improving Continuity of Breastfeeding Care in Kansas: The Important Role of Physician Practices  Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition, Inc.  $24,970.00 June 13, 2019
Building Capacity for Tobacco Treatment among Behavioral Health Providers and Peers in Kansas  Kansas University Endowment Association  $250,000.00 June 11, 2019
Convergence Partnership Community Match Funding  In Our Backyards, Inc. (ioby)  $15,000.00 January 16, 2019
Culinary classes for Teens and their families  Boys and Girls Club of Topeka  $14,757.00 December 1, 2018
Wyandotte County Mobile Market Community Council  Children’s Mercy Hospital  $25,000.00 December 1, 2018
WorkWell Kansas Phase III: Sustainably Moving the Needle Toward Health Equity  Kansas University Endowment Association  $600,000.00 July 25, 2018
Increasing Kansans’ Access to Nutritious Food Through Child Nutrition Programs and SNAP  Kansas Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, Inc.  $810,000.00 April 25, 2018
Active Schools: Let’s Move Kansas!  Kansas State Department of Education  $410,086.00 July 26, 2017

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