Building Power and Equity Partnerships (BPEP) Initiative – 2023

Program Description

This year KHF is continuing its commitment to the Building Power and Equity Partnership (BPEP) initiative. Organizations selected as BPEP partners will receive funding and resources to help them address root causes of health disparities. These grants are designed to support long-term solutions for community identified issues and expanded networks for greater impact.

The purpose of the Building Power and Equity Partnership initiative expansion is to advance racial and health equity across Kansas, by building and/or increasing the power and influence of organizations serving communities with the greatest racial and health disparities. We believe keeping equity at the heart of our work will eliminate racial and health inequities for communities that have the highest levels of health disparities. This initiative will be the most significant commitment to racial equity in KHF history.

Rather than just a funding opportunity we see BPEP as a vehicle for transformative change. This investment is part of a 10-year vision to build long-term partnerships with small grassroots organizations. They will be go-to-partners to create lasting change as part of a larger network. By offering core support we anticipate organizations will be able to experiment with new approaches to complex problems.

Partner Opportunity

KHF will fund 30 organizations who are currently working in communities to advance racial and health equity in Kansas and whose work aligns with the Foundation’s support of diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Selected partner organizations will be awarded in the amount of up to $100,000 each year for the initial three-year grant period.  This opportunity includes:

  • Multi-year funding for core support
  • Collaboration with KHF’s network partners
  • Access to additional services to support the infrastructure of the organization such as, website development, organizational assessments, budgeting, grant writing, board development, marketing, etc.
  • Building a powerful cohort of organizations across the state, networked together and working effectively to advance racial equity

What organizations are we looking for?

Has your organization been operating with too few resources to meet community needs? Do you have a solid base of volunteers supporting your organization, but need to staff up for more impact? Do you have a 10X growth mindset with a vision for ways in which your community could be more vibrant and thriving? KHF wants to help smaller grassroots organizations facing challenges like these tackle interconnected issues. If you want to change larger systems and structures impacting health inequities, we want to work with you to accomplish that goal. Imagine your organization 10 years from now with, power, influence and a network capable of addressing some of the most daunting challenges in your community and across the state.

Who may apply?

Eligible organizations include those that are tax-exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code sub-section 509 (a) (1) or 509 (a) (2). Organizations should consider applying if they fit within the following criteria:

  • Organizations who are serving Black, Indigenous, Hispanic/Latino and/or People of Color impacted by health inequities and/or working closest to urban and rural communities with the greatest health disparities.
  • Small organizations with an operation budget between $50,000 to $500,000. (We encourage organizations in proximity to this range to submit the Form of Interest if the opportunity aligns with your organizations goals.)

Power and Influence Statement

Kansas Health Foundation (KHF) is committed to helping organizations build and/or increase their power and influence. We define power and influence as the ability to effectively address root causes of health disparities, the ability to build and maintain trusting relationships with stakeholders and the ability to influence issues that impact the communities served.

Form of Interest

If you are interested in applying for the BPEP initiative, please scroll down on this page to fill out the Form of Interest. Completion and submission of this form represents the first step in this grant process. All Form of Interest submissions are due by close of business on Monday, July 31, 2023. If you have any questions about the BPEP initiative, please contact

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