Purpose and Strategies

We are dreaming big, and we're ready to do the work necessary to make those dreams come true.

The Kansas Health Foundation is dedicated to improving the health of all Kansans! We envision a culture in which every Kansan can make healthy choices where they live, work and play. But, what does that mean? How do we make that happen? Through a recent process to set forth a strategic framework for the organization, the staff and board of KHF have now developed a three-part purpose statement outlining what we’re striving to accomplish. Additionally, we’ve also listed out six key strategies that we’ll use to try and reach the goals set out in the purpose statement. While more information is coming on how this information will shape our future work, right now we’re pleased to be able to share this publicly.

Three-Part Purpose Statement

  • Empower Kansas to lead the nation in health.
    • Rankings exist (including here and here) showing the healthiest states in terms of health outcomes. During the past 20 years, Kansas has slipped in these rankings, now sitting consistently in the 30s.
  • Eliminate inequities that create health disparities.
    • We won’t lead the nation in health by making healthy people healthier. We must seek innovative ways to mitigate health disparities along the lines of race/ethnicity, geography, income and education level.
  • KHF becomes THE model for philanthropic impact.
    • This one is specifically about our organization. Thousands of philanthropic organizations exist in the U.S. We want KHF to lead the way in utilizing our resources to make the greatest impact for the greatest number of people.

Six Key Strategies

  • Build and support institutions that can anchor the vision to lead the nation in health.
  • Build the power and influence of partners working closest to the communities with the greatest health disparities.
  • Mobilize Kansans in authority roles to dismantle inequities that lead to health disparities.
  • Cultivate and refine the KHF network to be an ecosystem working to lead the nation in health.
  • Inspire and align additional resources to focus on leading the nation in health.
  • Foster an internal culture that aligns every KHF resource to maximize impact.

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