State Budget 101

As part of continuing efforts to create greater civic engagement in Kansas, the Kansas Health Foundation (KHF) has partnered with the Kansas Health Institute (KHI) to create a guide to understand our state budget process. “Kansas Budget 101” provides a high-level overview of the revenues and expenditures that make up the $18.4 billion 2020 Kansas state budget.

Through an intensive review of the 869-page Governor’s 2020 Budget Report, and the 171-page report of what the 2019 Legislature adopted, KHI was able to create a series of infographics to help Kansans better understand the state budget.

“This was certainly a different and exciting project for our team,” said Robert St. Peter, M.D., KHI President and CEO. “Whenever we can take complex, hard-to-find information and translate it into something more understandable, we are expanding the audiences who can be involved in meaningful policy discussions.”

The infographics follow a fictional Kansan, Jake Arbeiter, in showing where his tax dollars go and how those flow into the state revenues. Other infographics provide a visual of the state’s major expenditures – or how the state spends its money.

To learn more about the process to put these infographics together, please read our October 2019 Health Happenings article. Complete infographics can be viewed here.

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