CleanAirNow Association


3730 Metropolitan Ave
Kansas City, KS 66106


CleanAirNow (CAN) is a climate and environmental justice organization taking action to bring systemic change in industry and government policies and practices to protect health and dismantle environmental racism and inequities that perpetuates the unequal distribution of environmental hazards in fenceline communities.
Through civic and community-led engagement projects, education, advocacy, and building power alongside those who have been systematically excluded from government decision making such as zoning and land use practices. A fenceline community can be identified as communities of color living near an industrial toxic pollution source that contaminates the air, water and soil.

CAN was born out of community concerns around industrial air pollution, fossil fuel emissions from the heavy-duty transportation sector, locomotives and health inequities that are directly linked to environmental exposures with historical links to racial inequality and unequal distribution of resources. CAN, through its community-led research, is providing a mechanism that allows the community to utilize data that supports community members’ lived experiences when advocating for local, state, and federal policies that will ultimately improve health. This community engagement approach will serve to address environmental health inequities and will inform policies at the local, state and federal level to advance environmental justice.

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