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Kansas Alliance for Tribal Community Health (KATCH) is a coalition led by native people and for native people. Non-tribal entities can be and are members of the coalition and they inform decisions, however, the decision-making power for the coalition is squarely in the hands of tribal members. While we recognize and are appropriately deferential to elected tribal leaders, we also recognize the importance of the unique power and expertise of all community members. We organize our efforts with these power dynamics in mind.
For the last ten years KATCH has been discussing and displaying the need for an intertribal public health structure that specifically serves the four Tribes in Kansas with incredible support from community members and leaders. We have served in that role successfully providing technical assistance, support, expertise, facilitation of sharing lessons learned, relationship building, and doing community outreach through many events including the Tribal Health Summit.
Our vision is “to partner with the four sovereign nations in Kansas: the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska; the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas; the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation; and the Sac & Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas and Nebraska, to enable the four communities to sustain excellent mental, physical, environmental and spiritual health.”
Our mission is “to respond to community health issues identified by the tribes, singly or in collaborations; to create discussions, programs and interventions; to identify and access resources as needed; and to analyze and protect tribal data as requested by the tribes. Our responsibility is to fulfill our vision and mission in the most culturally appropriate and respectful way.”

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